Naming Commonly Used Polygons

Naming Commonly Used Polygons

The names of commonly used polygons: from a triangle to an n-gon.


Triangle: 3 sides, Quadrilateral: 4 sides, Pentagon: 5 sides, Hexagon: 6 sides, Heptagon: 7 sides, Octagon: 8 sides, Nonagon: 9 sides, Decagon: 10 sides, n-gon: n sides

The prefix of the polygon's name
shows the number of the sides of a polygon.

Tri-: 3
Quadri-: 4
Penta-: 5
Hexa-: 6
Hepta-: 7
Octa-: 8
Nona-: 9
Deca-: 10

For n, it's just n-gon.